Olives, postcards and flights

Seeing as we were only in the Western Cape for the weekend we really wanted to do as much as we could fit in without stressing ourselves out. So on Sunday, even though we had a much more leisurely start than our early breakfast and 9.40 wine tram from Saturday, we were up and about and heading out of our accommodation by about 10.30.

Knowing that we had lunch booked at the Postcard Café in Stellenbosch for 12.30, we made our way to Tokara for a quick tasting and to stuff our faces with olives, on the way to lunch. The olives were freaking delicious in case you were wondering.

Olives from Tokara
The tasting room at Tokara has a sensational view

Next we meandered on to Postcard Café which has yet more spectacular views and is aptly named. I didn’t get any shots of the food, which was nothing short of mouthwatering, but I did get a couple of the surrounds.

I had beef medallions which were just melt-in-your-mouth delicious, with a light peppery sauce, baby potatoes and baby veggies. We drank, you guessed it, more wine and also indulged in dessert – I can highly recommend their carrot cake. It came close to as good as mom’s and that’s high praise!

The view from the parking lot at Postcard café
more parking lot views
panoramic parking lot Postcard Café

After we were full of lunch and dessert and wine and everything we could get hands on, we headed out to find our last stop before we needed to start thinking about heading to the airport. The thinking was to hit High Constantia for a quick look, but it turned out that we were running out of time so instead we stopped in at Spier for one last tasting (because we needed more wine, obviously).

Spier tasting
Spier tasting area
Spier tasting area

And then we made our way to the airport with not many minutes to spare and hopped on the plane back to Jozi. All in all, a beautiful and delicious weekend. Franschhoek (and Stellenbosch and Cape Town) is a feast for the senses.

Flying home



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