Hurry Up and Wait

So after having a mild panic a couple of weeks ago about how little time I had left before my internship begins I finally got my butt into gear to get sorted with my application. When I jumped onto the site to check that everything was still in order and that there were spots available on the internship I noticed that the special deal that was on in September has ended.  Sad face. So I popped an email off to the consultant who I’ve been communicating with, on and off, since February 2016. Honestly. I’m sure the guy had lost any hope of me actually signing up. Anyway, he gave me a call back from their London based offices and let me in on a little secret that they’ll be having another special on the package in November so if I’m prepared to wait till then, it’ll cost me a whole bunch less. I also discovered in that call, when I worried about how long visas would take, as well as all the other things I need to do, that visa assistance is included in the price paid for the internship. All I’ll need to do is fill out a form apparently, which is a bit of a weight off my mind, I’m not going to lie.

So I guess I probably should have gotten moving last month so that I had a bit of extra time to wrap my head around everything once I’m registered and signed on, however, I’m happy to wait if it means saving a couple of grand.

I should probably keep an eye on flight prices, considering that’s going to be my next biggest expense. I’m thinking I should probably get an open return ticket as the internship ends on the 31st of May and I’m really keen to do some travelling from there – preferably Europe in June, but if not Europe, then there’s a plethora options near Vietnam that are also on my ever-extending bucket list. I assume I need to go through a travel agent in order to do that as I’ve never seen that option on any online booking sites, not that I’ve ever looked particularly hard. I’ll find out about that though and keep you posted.

Flight bookings, here I come!

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